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Hi Dimitris,

First of all, thank you again for the way in which all of our charter operations were handled
for our November charter.  My Greek family came through with flying colors.  I am so proud
of you and Christos and the way in which your new venture is coming along.

I am in urgent need of the final quote and the details of the excursion from Dimitris in Corfu.
In addition, I need the photographs he was going to send me.  I need to try to get the flyers
finished and mailed to the pax by next week.

I appreciate your assistance with this and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Thanks!  Thank you also for all your hard work & excellent service to our pax!


Hello Christos,

Thank you for the welcome home!  I did have a nice welcome from the family and
everyone sends their best to you (especially Noah) :-)

I want to thank you, Dimitris and Apostolos again for your a job well done for our
November charter.  Other than the little mix-up on Hydra for those 6 pax, everything
worked extremely well.  I am so grateful for all you and your company did to make
this charter go as well as it it.  

In my honest estimation, this was in fact, the best charter ever.  I will begin working on
the spring sailing next week and will keep you advised.

I hope Alice and the kids are doing well and that you will also have the chance to get
some rest.

All the best to you bro!

Best regards,

Paula Cole


Good to have been with you.  Sorry to have missed saying goodbye.  Again appreciated all of the services of the team and look forward to the next visit.

James E. Ridgway, Jr.
800-247-0017  ext. 308
Cell 863-660-6453
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The Travel Agent is SOOO apreciative of you taking care of this for her Passengers.  

Once again, the Premium service we have come to expect (and enjoy!) when dealing with you.

Thanks for your extra care for this group!



Looks like you did a good enough job, that they want to come back in 2007.

They have given me dates and a couple of requests:

Dates - Arrive in Greece April 25, departing May 2nd.

Guides - Want the same two they had this time - Valena and Demetrious.

Hotel - Must be the Hermes.  They did not care for the the hotel they stayed in this time.

Most important that they have the Hermes and Valena and Demetrious.  They will move the dates some to make sure they have this combo.  It will be similar to what they had this year, but want confirmation on those things first, before moving on to the actual itinerary.

Thanks again for a great effort.  the finest compliment is a return guest!

Mark Boston
Educational Travel Services

Thank you and to all of you, thank you for helping our clients this past year.