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Yia sou Apostole
I like our philosophy and your eagerness to “do your best”.  Too bad we are not in the same city.  We could work very well together.

Thank you for working on the proposal you plan to send me.

Kali sou mera


Thanks Christos !! You are the man !!

Dear Mr. Karavanas,

Journeys of St. Paul tour in Greece from October 5-16 , 2006

On behalf of the members of the group from Cheboygan, MI., I want to say that we arrived safely home in Cheboygan, and are resting.

Thank you so much for your hospitality. You and your company serviced us beyond what was expected. I can't tell you how much the members (who missed their connecting flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Athens) appreciated Yiannis picking them up at the airport.

The Yiannis and Apostoles (sp?) served us beyond the call of duty. You have a fine organization and would be happy to see you again when we return to Greece. 

I will also share this report with the people at Educational Opportunities in Lakeland, Florida.

We thank you, and pray for blessings upon you, your families and you business.

Warm regards,

Harry "Budd" Wagner
Tour Bus Captain

Rev. Harry A Wagner
Lead Pastor
St. Thomas Ev. Lutheran Church
P.O. Box 57
Cheboygan MI 49721-0057
231-627-3650 FAX
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Many thanks to you for doing such a good job with our group, which was appreciated by everyone.  Bob SIlverman was very happy with your services as was Judge Klein.  I will await your ideas on the itinerary that I proposed to you.
Best regards,

Good Morning

We spoke to Mr. Milkman and Ms. Nachinoff. They had a wonderful time and were very pleased with the guides, accommodations, etc. They were especially pleased with the upgrade to a suite in Athens.  Thank you to all of you for the high level of service you have given these clients and our two groups.

Here is some feed back from Fran Nikles about her group's experiences in Istanbul and Athens.

"We met in the lobby each morning with our Istanbul  tour guide, Omer, who was the best!   He was so knowledgeable and patient answering our many questions. The driver was also very nice.  Several in the group were interested in rugs and on Tuesday, we had some time and Omer took us to a rug showroom.  Omer, obviously knew the owner, and they put on a great show of rugs for us, along with the hot apple tea.  Several did buy.  While we were waiting for sales to be completed, we all managed to purchase gyros from the corner vender; yummy!

Athens:  I was not on this tour; I did escort the group off the ship and met with Meena, tour guide and her driver.  The group said the tour and guide were very good.  They thought the restaurant choice could have been better as they had passed many restaurants that had more appeal.  The appetizers were good and they were not impressed with main course and thought the waiter a bit rude at times. All and all they enjoyed their day in Athens.

Our European season is winding down, so we may not have much business for you in the next six months. But whatever business we have in the future, we will process through you.

Please pass this comment on to Christos:  We first found your agency because you sent us an Easter card in an e-mail. It pays to reach out to the travel community, you never know who will respond.  Continued success.

Best wishes,

Thank you for the kind email.  I took a few days off for Thanksgiving.
It was a bit difficult because I lost my mother just before Thanksgiving last year.  But we enjoyed family from Tennessee, Georgia and north Florida.
It's good to be back to work so I can rest.

Hope you had a great weekend!  Our groups have nothing but wonderful words to share about how well they were taken care of by Expedition and Travel.
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.  You are very much appreciated on this end.

God Bless,