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Dear Dimitris

I received a letter from St Mary’s College and they wanted me to thank you for the hospitality you showed on the trip.

They had a fantastic time and would like to book again next year

Best wishes


Hi Apostolos, I am sure Dave has sent you an e-mail letting you know  we made it home safe and a little tired. I have been thinking of all  the special times we had in Greece. I can't thankyou enough for  taking such good care of us. We all felt safe knowing our wonderful  tour guides were watching out for us. Thankyou for the special times  especially the great coffee and dessert at Satorioni ( loved that  place) and our dinner out in Athens was fabulous!!!!By the way my  husband loved the vase I brought home from Santorini. Again thank for  the time you spent with us shopping and helping us find some deals. I  was impressed at your young age of your maturity,your strong sense of  family and your strong faith. I will have many treasured memories of  this trip. If you get a chance would you be able to send me  information on the religious tours you do . Thanks again. You are  welcome to visit and stay with us if you travel to Canada.
Brenda Johnson

Hi Dimitris,

I have been meaning to get back to you on what a fabulous experience Expedition and Travel arranged for our group.

We have been getting in trip summary's and all of them have been excellent.

We will definitely be using your services for our future groups to Greece.

Once again thank you!


Dear Christos,

I got a feed back from the teachers and they say the Greece tour was fantastic.  Thank you very much indeed.  I look forward to working with you more often.

We talked to our first tour host having returned from the Greece trip and very positive comments.  Aliki did a good job -- of course I probably do not need to tell you that!

I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks but you can e-mail me anything of interest.


James E. Ridgway, Jr.
800-247-0017  ext. 308
Cell 863-660-6453
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Good afternoon Dimitris.  I hope this note finds you doing well and enjoying life.  Shaun and I just returned from our trip to Israel.  Our time there was incredibly special and I look forward to our trip next year with several churches.  Now that I'm back home and my body has acclimated to this time zone, I wanted to write you and personally thank you for all that you did for me and Shaun and our group while we are in Greece.  I have heard back from many of the participants who were on the trip.   The comments have been overwhelmingly positive with many looking forward to returning next year with the same church and pastor.  The success of our trip can only be attributed to the expert coordination and planning by you, Christos and the guiding expertise of Alici.  Everyone just loved her and have talked so much about her comprehensive knowledge of Greece as well as the bible and especially about her overall personality and grace she displayed to the group.  Dimitris, words simply don't do enough to express my deep appreciation to you, Christos and Alici for all that you did to make this trip a tremendous success.  Your display of hospitality, personal warmth and total commitment to us and our group is deeply appreciated.   

Dimitris, please give my regards to Christos and to Alici and tell them that the pastor and his wife were so happy about the trip that they sent Shaun and me a thank you gift from the entire group and a personal note of appreciation from them expressing their delight on how the trip turned out.  They too have received very positive comments from the entire group.  Receiving gifts for our clients is not a normal practice so I take this as a sign that they were very pleased with the trip and their time in your country.  They fell in love with Greece and all of it's history.  So on behalf of Shaun and me, I want to thank you so much for your dedication and the time you spent with us to ensure that our trip would be a huge success.  It takes a team of people to make a trip a success and we could not have done it without people like you, Christos and Alici. I look forward to spending time with you again next year.

Have a great day and blessings from all of us here in the Pacific Northwest.


Dear Christos,

I am sure that you will love the feedback.

I talked to Mrs Walker today and everything was truly wonderful.
The loved to Electra has recently been renovated.
The tours were great and Delphi is a must so The guide was very good too.
They were in a 16 pax van. ?? Seems a little big for 4 people.
It took longer to get them there due to that and 
the van has to stop every 2 hrs by law.
They liked the hotel on Santorini a lot and the sailboat was lovely and the crew or owners
were so nice and had wonderful food that was grown in their mothers garden.

Thank you so much for putting that together!



Yia sou Apostole
I like our philosophy and your eagerness to “do your best”.  Too bad we are not in the same city.  We could work very well together.

Thank you for working on the proposal you plan to send me.

Kali sou mera


Thanks Christos !! You are the man !!

Dear Mr. Karavanas,

Journeys of St. Paul tour in Greece from October 5-16 , 2006

On behalf of the members of the group from Cheboygan, MI., I want to say that we arrived safely home in Cheboygan, and are resting.

Thank you so much for your hospitality. You and your company serviced us beyond what was expected. I can't tell you how much the members (who missed their connecting flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Athens) appreciated Yiannis picking them up at the airport.

The Yiannis and Apostoles (sp?) served us beyond the call of duty. You have a fine organization and would be happy to see you again when we return to Greece. 

I will also share this report with the people at Educational Opportunities in Lakeland, Florida.

We thank you, and pray for blessings upon you, your families and you business.

Warm regards,

Harry "Budd" Wagner
Tour Bus Captain

Rev. Harry A Wagner
Lead Pastor
St. Thomas Ev. Lutheran Church
P.O. Box 57
Cheboygan MI 49721-0057
231-627-3650 FAX
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Many thanks to you for doing such a good job with our group, which was appreciated by everyone.  Bob SIlverman was very happy with your services as was Judge Klein.  I will await your ideas on the itinerary that I proposed to you.
Best regards,

Good Morning

We spoke to Mr. Milkman and Ms. Nachinoff. They had a wonderful time and were very pleased with the guides, accommodations, etc. They were especially pleased with the upgrade to a suite in Athens.  Thank you to all of you for the high level of service you have given these clients and our two groups.

Here is some feed back from Fran Nikles about her group's experiences in Istanbul and Athens.

"We met in the lobby each morning with our Istanbul  tour guide, Omer, who was the best!   He was so knowledgeable and patient answering our many questions. The driver was also very nice.  Several in the group were interested in rugs and on Tuesday, we had some time and Omer took us to a rug showroom.  Omer, obviously knew the owner, and they put on a great show of rugs for us, along with the hot apple tea.  Several did buy.  While we were waiting for sales to be completed, we all managed to purchase gyros from the corner vender; yummy!

Athens:  I was not on this tour; I did escort the group off the ship and met with Meena, tour guide and her driver.  The group said the tour and guide were very good.  They thought the restaurant choice could have been better as they had passed many restaurants that had more appeal.  The appetizers were good and they were not impressed with main course and thought the waiter a bit rude at times. All and all they enjoyed their day in Athens.

Our European season is winding down, so we may not have much business for you in the next six months. But whatever business we have in the future, we will process through you.

Please pass this comment on to Christos:  We first found your agency because you sent us an Easter card in an e-mail. It pays to reach out to the travel community, you never know who will respond.  Continued success.

Best wishes,

Thank you for the kind email.  I took a few days off for Thanksgiving.
It was a bit difficult because I lost my mother just before Thanksgiving last year.  But we enjoyed family from Tennessee, Georgia and north Florida.
It's good to be back to work so I can rest.

Hope you had a great weekend!  Our groups have nothing but wonderful words to share about how well they were taken care of by Expedition and Travel.
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.  You are very much appreciated on this end.

God Bless,


Hi Dimitris,

First of all, thank you again for the way in which all of our charter operations were handled
for our November charter.  My Greek family came through with flying colors.  I am so proud
of you and Christos and the way in which your new venture is coming along.

I am in urgent need of the final quote and the details of the excursion from Dimitris in Corfu.
In addition, I need the photographs he was going to send me.  I need to try to get the flyers
finished and mailed to the pax by next week.

I appreciate your assistance with this and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Thanks!  Thank you also for all your hard work & excellent service to our pax!


Hello Christos,

Thank you for the welcome home!  I did have a nice welcome from the family and
everyone sends their best to you (especially Noah) :-)

I want to thank you, Dimitris and Apostolos again for your a job well done for our
November charter.  Other than the little mix-up on Hydra for those 6 pax, everything
worked extremely well.  I am so grateful for all you and your company did to make
this charter go as well as it it.  

In my honest estimation, this was in fact, the best charter ever.  I will begin working on
the spring sailing next week and will keep you advised.

I hope Alice and the kids are doing well and that you will also have the chance to get
some rest.

All the best to you bro!

Best regards,

Paula Cole


Good to have been with you.  Sorry to have missed saying goodbye.  Again appreciated all of the services of the team and look forward to the next visit.

James E. Ridgway, Jr.
800-247-0017  ext. 308
Cell 863-660-6453
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sent via BlackBerry


The Travel Agent is SOOO apreciative of you taking care of this for her Passengers.  

Once again, the Premium service we have come to expect (and enjoy!) when dealing with you.

Thanks for your extra care for this group!



Looks like you did a good enough job, that they want to come back in 2007.

They have given me dates and a couple of requests:

Dates - Arrive in Greece April 25, departing May 2nd.

Guides - Want the same two they had this time - Valena and Demetrious.

Hotel - Must be the Hermes.  They did not care for the the hotel they stayed in this time.

Most important that they have the Hermes and Valena and Demetrious.  They will move the dates some to make sure they have this combo.  It will be similar to what they had this year, but want confirmation on those things first, before moving on to the actual itinerary.

Thanks again for a great effort.  the finest compliment is a return guest!

Mark Boston
Educational Travel Services

Thank you and to all of you, thank you for helping our clients this past year.


Dear Christos,

We all returned back to the states safe and sound and had a wonderful trip. Many of the pastors said they were very pleased with the services received while in Greece and felt the highlights were Meteora, Philippi and Lydia's Baptismal site (river). I would have to agree with them.

Please let Aliki know once again, what a terrific job she did guiding us and how pleased the groups and I were with the services and professionalism she provided to all of us. Once again, thank you to you and the whole Expedition Team for a job well done!

One of the pastors is interested in us providing them with a proposal for arrival first week in August 2007, doing the same program we did in reverse (starting with Thessaloniki and then ending in Athens, total 6-nights in All. He also asked for pricing based on Capsis Thessaloniki (and supplement for Macedonia Palace) and he also wanted to know if there was a way to only have one night in Thessaloniki and in turn if there was a way to stay at a nice hotel closer to Philippi (Kavala area) if this is a possibility, versus the extensive driving back and forth for the overnight (is this an option) if so please advise hotel you would recommend the itinerary to be routed in reverse with this thought in mind.  Thank you for your help in advance.  I'm sure this will not be of a surprise, he also asked if Aliki's schedule was available around the first week of August for his tour (Pastor Terry Long -- Calvary Chapel).

Thank you again and a very Warm regards,


Rick Ricart, President

imagine the possibilities!

imagine Tours & Travel, LLC.
6037 Cricket Drive
Lakeland, FL 33813

Phone:   863.709.9208
Mobile:  407.474.6043
Fax:      1.866.262.9507 <>

Thanks again... the trip was great and I have already sent your contact info onto all my fellow agents to use you guys.
I will def. be using your services in the future again as well.
Have a great holiday to all of you guys in the office... you were truly wonderful to work with!

I cannot close this message without expressing my extreme
gratitude for the wonderful tour my people and I experienced!
The guide, the driver, the bus, & the selected hotels were
all wonderful and maintained a level of total satisfaction, for
all of our travelers.
I thank you personally, for dealing cooperatively and creatively
with the special itinerary changes I had requested. The tour members
were exhausted at the end of the trip--but they all praised the fact
that they had seen much more than they originally expected.
In every way, it was a fabulous experience and I thank you for
all your attentions and all you did to make it so!

Wishing you every joy and blessing, in the coming
Feast of the Birth of our Lord!

Fr. Lee Ecola

Dear Christos,
YOU ARE A PRINCE!!  Thank you for delivering exactly what you promised..a characteristic I admire most in my dealings with everyone: say what you mean and mean what you say!

This looks WONDERFUL and I will discuss with Kevin today and get back to you over the weekend so we can continue.

We will also then get our R/T air tickets to Athens so will have specific dates to plug in.

Warmest Christmas wishes to you and yours,

“Our trip was our first visit to Greece and it was for our Wedding. We were traveling with almost 20 friends and family, and obviously the trip took on added complexity due to our marriage. It was important to us that everything go smoothly. Expedition and Travel handled the entire advance planning, and once we arrived Ex&T made certain that all of our needs were met. Their attention to detail and genuine concern for our well-being went beyond all of our expectations.

From our arrival in Athens to our travels to Mykonos and Santorini, we never could have created a trip like this without the help of Expedition and Travel! The common theme among our entire group, including some very experienced travelers, was that our trip to Greece was the ‘trip of a lifetime.’

Thanks to everyone at Ex&T. All of our friends and family are already looking forward to our return trip, and this time I expect it will be an even larger group. We look forward to re-visiting with all the friends we made in Greece!

Thanks for everything.”

Mark and Terri Hoskins. 
Ventura, CA.

March 30, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:

On our recent trip to Greece, our tour guide was Costas Tsevas. Without exception, all agreed how absolutely outstanding Costas was from every angle: civilizations and their history; Biblical and secular understanding of the past and also of present day situations.

Costas was phenomenal! He made our visit to the different sites so incredible. I wish we could have recorded all that he shared. He was very approachable and professional, polite and courteous, respectful and friendly. Simply stated: he is the best!

Dr. W. Roy Fisher
Associate Pastor/Pastoral Care
First Baptist Church, Naples, FL.

Many thanks! Again, the trip was great! Exceptional!! Everybody (except one!!), agrees!!

Have a wonderful w/e. God bless you!

HI Christos,

I talked to Martha and she is very impressed with the warm and friendly welcome they received upon their arrival into Greece. She says we must go as it is beautiful.

I also talked to Sterling from the other group this afternoon and they were very impressed with the treatment they received in Greece.  Thank you very much and please pass on to your team our appreciation. Hopefully there will be more groups next year.

Thanks and best regards,

Hello Christos, Dimitris & Apostolos:

First let me thank you for your wonderful hospitality and service extended to me during my brief stay in Athens. It was great to meet you and spend quality time together. You are all most gracious and professional.

Warm regards,

Vacations of a Lifetime...Every Time

Jonas Rolyn
Jonas Rolyn, CTC/MCC

Ella pedia!
I am back at my office, under a mountain of paper work, of course!
I want to thank you sincerely for your time and kindness toward me. You are just so nice! Thank you for all your attention, all the smiles, all the visits you gave me.
This is far above what I deserve and I am really grateful to all of you.
Christos, Dimitris and Apostolos: you have really proved to me that you are great friends. I hope to be able to prove you that you can also count on me and that I deserve your firendship.
Yannis, keep the good work. You are just so nice with everyone: you really belong to the Expedition & travel Team!
Such good people deserve to succeed! I know your company will soon become a big name in Greece. Remember your true friend from Arizona and come to visit me one of these days.
Ya olous, sa evharisto kai sas agapo poli!


Thank you for the kindness of your heart.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well.

I spoke to many of the group leaders who have traveled on the Journeys of Paul tour with Expedition and Travel.
They have all said wonderful things about how well the tour went and the guide's knowledge of St. Paul was a wonderful touch.  Many have done this tour before and said they got more talk of Greek history than they did of St. Paul.
So thank you for all the detail you put into your business.  It is much appreciated.

God Bless you and your family,

I only wish I had been able to bring 40 people on the trip.  Everything went well.  The weather was perfect!  Of course, I ate too much.  I can't tell you both enough of how pleased my people and I were with the accommodations, itinerary, etc.  The guide (Athina) was one of the best I have ever had.  She was very sensitive to my people and the pace was wonderful.  I did feel guilty that we had such a large comfortable bus for 18 people.  We enjoyed our stay in Athens, but we really enjoyed the Hotel Meteora.  I thought the food there was the best.  The staff worked hard to please us.  I want to thank you both for all you did for me. 

The only thing I suggest that we consider doing differently on future trips has to do with the excursion experiences.  In Rhodes, our guide (Crystal, I think) seemed to be very hurt that she did not get tipped heavily.  Some of my people left her a tip in spite of the fact that I told them that EO had already handled tips.  The guide made it clear that she didn't know about that procedure.  Of course, there is no way for me to know whether or not the arrangements were made ahead of time.  At Patmos, we went through the same thing.  Our guide there was The Best!  She was a young lady from Germany, but she was adorable.  In Turkey, we had some anxious moments.  Our guide, George, rushed us through Ephesus.  While at Ephesus, he received two phone calls.  Both times he commented that he was on the way with the group.  My impression is that he and the rug dealer are really working groups hard!  The next time I go to Turkey I do NOT want to go back to that rug place.  I do think Americans should experience as much local life as possible, but there is something going on there with that particularl rug shop.  I'll be glad to explain further is necessary.  I do know that George was quite disappointed that no tips were handed to him!  I think my people felt betrayed, and they were aggravated with him. 

No way should you think this Turkish episode dampened my trip.  I have folks that want to return one day.  Surely, this can continued to be fine-tuned. 

Thanks again to both of you.  We were delayed in Atlanta coming home, and I didn't get to sleep until about 1:15 a.m.  I started today trying to deal with all the paperwork on my desk. 

Take care.  I deeply appreciate our friendship.  Mike Alexander

Dear Christos:

I wanted to express my gratefulness for you and your staff’s hospitality during my recent trip.  My mother and I were truly blessed and returned home with a new sense of travel and enlightenment of Greece. It was a joy to meet you all and I now have a face to the individual on the other end of the e-mail.

I do believe our Greece business will be a blessing to those who travel as Expedition truly has Pilgrim’s interests at heart. I thank you for the time and the wonderful espresso.

Keep up the great work and look forward to our further business relationship.

Kind regards


Dear Christos and Expedition and Travel Team,

Thank you so much for going over and above in accommodating Fr. Diaz!!
You delivered more than what you promised and I will always be grateful to you.

Stefanie just received an e-mail from another pilgrim, Fr. Kucera who was also extremely pleased.
We will proudly post below e-mail on:

We have been proudly working with suppliers for 20 + years. We have not been that lucky with Greece. I think we tried them all?!?!
But we saved the best for last. Hopefully this (Mar 7, 09 tour # 162 aka “In the footsteps of St. Paul”)  will be the first of hundreds
to come!

With Gratitude,


Thanks, Christos . . . and here is a note I just got in the mail from Pastor Garland, the Tulsa group leader.  Among other nice things, he had this to say:  "In every way, the trip could not have been better planned by your and your company.  The folks you used in Expedition and Travel overseas are impeccable.  They made sure that every detail was met.  Their personnel are extremely professional but also wonderful with people.  They met us at every stop with a big smile, treated us like we were royalty, and met every request we had or had already planned it for us in advance.  The hotel selection, the transportation, and sites visited were absolutely fantastic."

Dr. Ronald L. Cansler

Dear Apostolos,

I want to thank you.  The clients were happy with everything.  See below and thank you again!!!!!!

Hello Magali!

Thank you on the FEDEX for Keene/McCallum.  Also, I wanted to give you feedback on one of my trips that just ended last Friday.  This was the 10 day trip to Greece for William McCormick and Whei Chieh Wang.  In short, they loved the trip.  They had a spectacular time, and they said that your Greek operators are the best.  Everything went perfectly, and that VIP service that you offered at the port of Pireaus for their cruise was very helpful.  They absolutely loved Delphi and Sounioun tours, loved the cruise, loved the shore excursions and the places the visited.  All transfers were perfect, and right on time....and the weather was gorgeous.  In short, he said that they had a fabulous trip, and they wanted to thank me, and they wanted me to especially thank Essential Europe.  They are already talking about another trip!  I like getting good news like that!

Thank you so much Magali!

My dear friends at Expedition,

I am sitting on the floor at Gate A-5 in the Athens airport, with an announced 30-minute delay due to the late arrival of the aircraft from America. So I will use the time to let you know how much I appreciate all the attention y'all have shown me during my brief stay in Athens.

Your plans for me, and your care of me, have been EXCELLENT!!!  I could not have asked for more. From Thanos waiting for me on arrival, through all the time my two Yiannis spent with me shipboard, and then Alikia's outstanding tour of the Parthenon yesterday, to Yiannis Alexakis showing up at the hotel this morning to drive me to the airport, everything and everyone has/have been wonderful. I enjoyed the Titiana Hotel, and the VIP welcome I received... and I fell in love with Athens. God willing, I shall be back again!

The plane is here, so I'll stop writing with just two words: THANK YOU!!!

Bill Russell

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our recent trip to Greece and the role of your company in making it such a pleasurable experience. I was with a group, the Brad McCoy group, booked through Friendly Planet and we landed in Greece on May the 8th and departed on the 19th. Heather Larson was our guide for a part of the trip, when we were sailing the Greek isles. Please allow me to thank you for her assignment to our group. She was wonderful! She was polite, pleasant, knowledgeable and went above and beyond what one could expect to assist us. As problems occurred, she was more than able to handle whatever arose. She is competent and her confidence was reassuring to us who spoke no Greek. For Americans traveling in a foreign country, most of whom are not world travelers, it was very helpful to us to have an American who could not only relate to us, but knew so much about the country we were visiting. She truly is an asset to your company and I wanted to be sure and let you know how much we all appreciated her being our guide. If in Greece again, I do hope to have the pleasure of her accompanying our group.

Best Regards,

Sue A. Smith-Raska

Hi Christos,

Just wanted to forward this message from Marie Moore.  Please thank Ioannis for such a great job.  Thanks to you and your entire staff.  We appreciate such good partners.

Kind regards,
Jim Cottam

Dear All:

Thank you for the beautifully organized trip - it was perfect!   Ioannis is
the best courier I have ever dealt with - Jenny Cambronne is a close second.
Ioannis made my job very easy - he was always on top of everything and his
expertise, knowledge and common sense were just what a group leader needs.
He was always available and thoughtful - from setting up wake-up calls,
double checking everyone was where they were supposed to be, etc.  I had
been a bit worried about how I would make sure all my group was on board if
they had free time and boarded at different times - well, Iaonnis took care
of this too, by checking the boat computer, or calling the right person to
check information - he knows everyone and is well liked and respected by
all.  He was always the last one on Board and he made sure everyone was on

I am very appreciative of all you do in organizing a trip.  Perrine - your
attention to detail and follow-up is incredible - Ioannis has great respect
for you - also, TSA is very well thought of by the industry in Greece - so,
I am sorry it took so long to send this thanks you, but I have been
incredibly busy this week.

I am already thinking of next year's trip - will recover from this one and
get in touch soon,