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Our lives are collections of various moments and some are more precious than others.

Our wedding day, the day of the renewal of our vows and our anniversary are among the most special moments of our personal life and all of us want to remember them for ever and in the most pleasant and sweetest way.

Every year, hundreds of couples visit one of the world’s most romantic places, Greece and the Greek islands with the purpose to get married, renew their wedding vows or to celebrate their anniversary. Every year most of these couples rely on the Greek Tour Operator, EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL to make this journey one of the most memorable of their lives.

When that special time in your life comes and you need the professional service of an expert to help you, with a perfect organization of the ceremony, the reception and the trip to the destination your dreams; then this is time to trust us as many other have done before you.

The people of EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL will help you design the ceremony, the reception and the trip for you, your partner and as many guests you would like to include. We will work together with flexibility, paying attention to every small detail and finally we will deliver to you a set of products and services, planned to perfection, in order to create some of the most wonderful memories of your life; because for us the perfect planning with attention to the last detail of these moments, is more than our duty… it is our mission. Let us provide you with the ideal backdrop for your intimate moments, in the country that celebrates love and passion at all forms!


“Soul mates; two halves of the same soul joining together in life’s journey”