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The Steps of Apostle Paul

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Apostle Paul at Mars Hill

Following the footsteps of the apostle Paul, your journey will lead you to Greece, the country that is known as one of the most ancient and historical places on the face of the earth; Greece is a country with its own unique atmosphere, that has made through the years a huge contribution to the historical and cultural heritage of the world.

This unique land has been chosen by the Holy Spirit and has become the first European country to embrace Christianity. The apostle Paul was the one who brought the Word of God to Greece and Europe. The great Apostle of the Gentiles holds a place in the Church of Jesus Christ second only to the one of the Founder. Paul during his missions visited hundreds of cities and towns in Asia Minor and Greece in order to spread the “good news” to their people. The result, especially in our country, was the birth of many new Christian communities, most of which still exist. Greece is today a Christian country and a visit to this Biblical Land can be the experience of a lifetime.

Have you ever dreamt of walking on the same ancient major trade routes that the apostle Paul and his companions walked on, or seeing the remains of the cities and buildings that he actually encountered? Have you ever wished to touch the waters of the river where Lydia, the first Christian in Europe, was baptized or even more, to have the opportunity to pray and rejoice at the very sites or at any other ancient biblical site in Greece?

If the answer is yes, than you can trust the Greek tour operator EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL and join one of their Christian tours.

Our company does not offer just tours, but unique and moving spiritual experiences. Our journeys will take you to places with such spiritual impact that can change your whole point of view. Paths that will give a new meaning to your life that you have never encountered before by reassuring your faith in Jesus Christ and understanding the importance of the presence of the apostle Paul in the land of Greece.

“…to everything there is a reason and a time to every purpose under heaven…”

Apostle Paul




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