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Educational and Philosophical

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Greece is the birthplace of philosophy, western civilization and education. Nowhere in the world, can education of any individual be considered complete unless it includes the study of the Greek philosophers and the western civilization.

Philosophy is a Greek word and the definition is ‘friend of wisdom’.

Expedition and Travel is a Greek tour operator and the definition of the service that we provide is consistency, dependability and trustworthiness.

Our belief in is that there are no limits to education. In Greece this is easy to be conceived since the whole country is like an open air classroom where every site sparks educational interest and excitement. When in Greece, you feel that you bathe in history and you inhale culture.

We have already built an international reputation by standing 100% behind and providing full-service to the needs of the thousands of students (of all ages), educators and parents that travel with us. We expertise in Educational and Philosophical tours and we offer you the flexibility to either chose one of our already posted programs or to create the program of your desire. We will then back you up with friendly, knowledgeable professional guides and lecturers, comfortable deluxe busses, best value for your money hotels and a highly trained team of experienced ground staff to assist you along the way.

St. Augustine said that:

“the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only the first page”.


Greece is the ultimate destination where textbooks come alive and EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL can lead you to an invigorating journey through the pages without any worries.

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