Customized Tours

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In Expedition and Travel we believe in the freedom of the individual to choose what is best for them, we support it and we encourage it.  For this reason we have a specialized team of travel experts with a mission to provide tailored service to individual groups of travellers or to individual requests.

We are dedicated in transforming your travel dreams into reality.

The customised department of Expedition and Travel is addressed to…




  • those, who believe that a journey is not something that they can just read about it in a brochure, or on a website and wish to plan it, according to their personal wishes and standards…
  • individuals or groups that share a common special interest, lifestyle or hobby
  • and want to experience it in the wonderful environment of Greece, on a cruise  or elsewhere.
  • the people that want to have a personal experience and want to choose the their own point of view from which they want to see the world as well as their own path. For people who feel that a journey requires among other things, their own creativity and imagination as well.
  • and… above all, to  people who feel more like travellers and less like tourists.


We invite you to join now the family of EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL, the world of flexibility and individuality, the place where we will work with you to make your impossible, (for many others) travel dreams come true.

“Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth”

Archimedes Greek Mathematician (280-211BC)