Incentives and Conferences

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Greece has always been a very popular destination for vacation through the years. The reasons among others are because it offers the magnificent natural environment and mild climate in combination with long history and rich cultural heritage.

Through the years of being a destination in high demand, Greece has been constantly upgrading the standards in the field of hospitality and has been expanding in diverse tourism resources as well.

A variety of new projects such as the establishment of large conference and exhibition centres have flourished, as well as numerous luxurious hotel units with banqueting facilities; staffed with experienced professionals; have managed to make Greece the ideal destination for world-class conference tourism and incentive travels.

The idea of people getting together for meetings and conferences was introduced here in antiquity with the Amfictyonies and especially the one in Delphi. People would gather from all over the then known world in order to congregate and take important decisions about the future of the region.

The Greek tour operator Expedition and Travel having many years of experience in this field can offer you the professionally designed incentive travel program that you may be looking for.

We have an organized network of expert associates, who are ready to respond to your demands in the best way possible offering you the best value for your money product and at the same time, services of the highest quality available.

We can plan and put into effect any project involving incentives, meetings and conferences or any specialized task, in the most professional and consistent way that we  guarantee from the beginning the successful outcome of the whole enterprise.

If your wish is to offer to your people (company, union, group etc) the ultimate motivational tool; a conference in a nice environment abroad and... if your goal is this conference to be as stress-free as possible so it can have the maximum effect on the participants or corporate members; then Greece is the ideal destination and Expedition and Travel is your ideal partner in Greece.