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Performing in Classical Greece and the Islands

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musical tour

A 9 day trip through Ancient Greece and places where you will have the chance to perform in live audience!



You arrive at the airport of Athens, where our representative meets you and escorts you to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.


This morning you get acquainted with the city of Athens. Follow your guide to the world renown Acropolis to see the architectural miracles of the Golden Age of Pericles: the Propylea, the Erechtheum and, above all, the Parthenon (temple of Athena). Have a panoramic view of the city and observe the Agora (market place), the Theater of Dionysos and, especially, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, where musical performances used to take place. Continue with a bus tour of the city and see the old Olympic Stadium, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Constitution Square with the House of Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and much more. The afternoon is free and, after the early dinner, you will be transferred to the venue for your performance. Return to the hotel in the late evening for overnight.


Travel to scenic Delphi, one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth, according to a poet. Drive through beautiful countryside, pass by the cities of Thiva (Thebes) and Livadia and see the town of Arachova, well known for its local industry of rugs, carpets and leather goods. Arrive at Delphi and explore this archaeological site, which was once believed to be the “navel” (omphalos) of the world. Visit the Treasuries, the Sacred Way, the Theater and the Temple of Apollo, where the oracle delivered her oblique prophecies. Then, continue to the Museum to see the amazing collection of artifacts, found during the excavations. You return to your hotel in Athens for dinner and, then, you will be transferred to the venue for your performance. Back to the hotel in the late evening. Overnight.


Today, follow the coastal road to the legendary Canal of Corinth and make a short stop there for pictures. Drive on to the Homeric city of Mycanae to see the remains of this prehistoric Acropolis, its Palace, the Grave Circles and the famous bee-hive Tombs. This was the kingdom of King Atreus and his son Agamemnon, who was the leader of the Greeks on the campaign against Troy. Continue to Epidaurus, passing through Nafplion, the first capital of Greece. In antiquity, Epidaurus was known as a healing center, as a place where the god of medicine Asclepios was worshipped. Nowadays, thousands of people visit it to admire the astonishing acoustics of its Theater, the best-preserved ancient theater in Greece. You can test these acoustics by dropping a single coin, or a variety of coins, on the marble base in the center of the theater’s orchestra (dancing floor) and be amazed at the clear sound it makes. You can also stand in the center of the theater and chant, or perform; it’s an amazing experience, when you hear the echo of your own voice coming back to you. In the evening drive back to Athens for dinner and overnight.


This morning you will board the ship and sail to the world-famous island of Myconos. The town is a small architectural wonder, with its gleaming white-washed buildings and windmills, and one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world.


In the morning the cruise boat will arrive in Kusadasi, Turkey and have the option to drive to Ephesus, where Paul spent three years during his ministry. The impressive remains of Ephesus include the Agora, the Theater, the Stadium, the Library of Celsius, the ruins of the Temple of Artemis (one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”) and lots more. Depart around lunchtime, and sail for the island of Patmos, where you can choose to visit the Monastery of St. John, located on one of the island’s highest points. From there, you can continue to the Grotto of the Apocalypse, the site of the apocalyptic Revelations of St. John the Divine which is located just couple miles away. Return back to the cruise boat for dinner as the ship sails west to the island of Santorini.


In the morning you arrive at the breathtaking island of Santorini, the most popular of all the Greek islands where you will stay the whole day. Due the massive eruption of the volcano the island has received a unique shape with magnificent rock formations. The exquisite whitewashed villages, including the capital town of Fira, very impressively cling to volcanic cliffs and are accessible by cable-car, or mule. You will have the opportunity to join one of the excursions available and visit some of the most beautiful villages in the world. Return back to the ship for dinner as it sails towards Piraeus.


You arrive in Pireus, Athens, early in the morning, and, after breakfast, you disembark and begin your trip to Cape Sounion, the southeastern extremity of Attica. On top of this impressive headland you will see the marble – white columns of Poseidon’s Temple and admire the breathtaking view. Then, you drive back to Athens and you have the rest of the day free to explore the picturesque area of Plaka, the main shopping district in Athens. Our farewell dinner will be in a Greek taverna in the area of Plaka. Overnight in Athens.


Fly back home full of memories of Greece, its warm people and your performances.


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Performing in Classical Greece and the Islands

A 9 day trip through Ancient Greece and places where you will have the chance to perform in live audien...