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Choirs and Bands

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If you belong to a choir or a band  and you want to travel to the Mediterranean in order to combine vacation with an art  performance and you are looking for a Greek tour operator to accommodate your needs, then we in EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL can offer you exactly what you are looking for and more.

Whether you are a small town choir of the local church or a professional, popular band; we can accommodate you. We expertise in this field, we understand and respect the needs of an artistic performance; and we know how take care of them. This is why we have successfully planned, managed and delivered some quite demanding and challenging tasks in the past. This is the reason why, many choirs and bands trust only us.

We can accommodate you to places for your rehearsal individually or in groups. We can, upon request, supply you with equipment that will assist your practice and provide facilities that can safely accommodate your own personal equipment and musical instruments.

As to your performances, we have the way to render spacious places to you, such as cathedrals, ancient theatres, university auditoriums and theatres. Even on cruise boats, where you can combine the fascinating experience of performing with sailing.

We can also, upon request, promote and advertise your performance in order to attract the proper audience and to give you the pleasure of performing in full theatres.

Above all we in EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL are a high caliber, enthusiastic, friendly and professional team of people capable and willing to assist you all the way.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”


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