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Greek Art


Throughout the centuries Greece has managed to become the trade mark for arts and crafts.  Our country has inspired and influenced enormously the evolution of aesthetics in many parts of the world from ancient times until today.

The arts and crafts of Greece have been divided in 5 main categories in order to facilitate their study and these categories are: architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery and jewelry making. Although if we want to peruse more into them it will be necessary to include many subcategories or even new forms of crafts that have evolved through the centuries, such as mosaics, frescoes and wall paintings, music and theatre, weaving, lace making and embroidery etc.

Sample of the arts and crafts of Greece you can see in the hundreds of sites and museums that exist throughout the country. Greece is a paradise of museums, there is an exhibition for every interest, you name it and there is a museum that houses it.

Expedition and Travel can lead you on a wonderful journey through a path less traveled to an astonishing cultural experience. You will be embraced by our team of art professionals that will decipher to you the symbols of the arts and crafts of Greece, while you will be enjoying this enlightening experience by actually standing at the very birthplace of these artifacts. You will be taken to work shops and you will talk to the very artists that will introduce to you the secrets of their skills and in many occasions you will have the unique opportunity to participate and work with them.

In Expedition and Travel we can suggest itineraries for tours that will focus on the modes of expression of our country but we are also willing to embrace with enthusiasm your suggested itinerary in order to include your specified points of interest in the arts and crafts of Greece.

“Art is the signature of civilizations”

Beverly Sills - American soprano 1929-2007





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