Archaelogical and Historical Tours

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The rich heritage of the Greek history spanning back five thousand years has sown the harsh ground around the Aegean Sea with stones and artifacts that have been blossoming on the Greek land for centuries.

Greece is synonymous to historical and archaeological wealth; it is a place of eminent and breathtaking sites that encompass myths and legends, where the visitor can only stand in awe, having the feeling of a personal discovery.

Whether it is the grandeur of the Parthenon in Athens, the sacred grounds of Delphi or the blinding light of the archaeological site in Delos, visitors can boast that they step into history.

Take a moment,  stand still, and you will feel the aura of the past; listen, and you will hear the voices of the philosophers, orators and politicians whispering to you the principles of democracy; observe, and you will see the artists creating the masterpieces that ornament the entire country, from the smallest island of the Aegean to the glorious Athens.

Expedition and Travel, the Greek tour operator, takes pride in holding your hand during this walk through history. Either on a cruise to the deep blue of the Greek waters or a land tour to the charming mainland, at Expedition and Travel we will make sure that you have nothing to worry about, so as to focus on your personal journey into the richness of the past. Here in Greece and the Mediterranean, here where it all begun.

“But I claim here, there will be some who remember us when we are gone.’’