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Welcome to the world of the Greek tour operator --


Ours is a world of excitement and originality,

of dedication and experience,

of flexibility and professionalism,

of friendliness and care.

We invite you to join our large family…our treasured partners from around the world who allow us to serve their travel needs in Greece.

From our website you’ll get a taste of the services that we offer. You’ll see that EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL custom designs journeys of all kinds...from the historic highlights important to every tourist, to the off-the-beaten track sites & events for special travellers.  Whether you serve Groups or Individuals, we will create exactly the perfect product you require in content and in price.

As we begin personal communications, you’ll quickly find that EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL is dedicated to our partners. We will make you feel right at home in our partnership.  At home during the planning stages. At home during the trip. And as the wise Greek poet, Homer, said: There is nothing sweeter than home.” 

Come “home” to Greece with EXPEDITION AND TRAVEL!


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The Steps of Apostle Paul
Following the footsteps of the apostle Paul, your journey will lead you to Greece, the country that is known as one of the most ancient and historical places on the face of the earth; Greece is a country with its own u...more
Choirs and Bands
If you belong to a choir or a band  and you want to travel to the Mediterranean in order to combine vacation with an art  performance and you are looking for a Greek tour operator to accommodate your needs, then we i...more
Educational and Philosophical
Greece is the birthplace of philosophy, western civilization and education. Nowhere in the world, can education of any individual be considered complete unless it includes the study of the Greek philosophers and the we...more
Wine and Culinary
Greece, along with Italy, Cyprus and Spain are some of the countries that embrace the Mediterranean basin. These countries having similar climate, fauna and flora, have accordingly similar cooking and eating habits. Th...more
Archaelogical and Historical Tours
The rich heritage of the Greek history spanning back five thousand years has sown the harsh ground around the Aegean Sea with stones and artifacts that have been blossoming on the Greek land for centuries. Greece...more
Arts and Crafts
  Throughout the centuries Greece has managed to become the trade mark for arts and crafts.  Our country has inspired and influenced enormously the evolution of aesthetics in many parts of the world from ancient tim...more
Incentives and Conferences
Greece has always been a very popular destination for vacation through the years. The reasons among others are because it offers the magnificent natural environment and mild climate in combination with long history and...more
Sports and Adventure
Greece is the birthplace of Olympic Games and sports. The climate conditions of this land have enabled people for thousands of years to enjoy the pleasure of celebrating life and activity. Today, people still enjoy pra...more
Cruises and Yachting
YACHTING Greece is a country blessed with thousands of miles of coastline that embrace like a natural lace the hundreds of islands and the continental land. Bodies of water such as the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, the ...more
Our lives are collections of various moments and some are more precious than others. Our wedding day, the day of the renewal of our vows and our anniversary are among the most special moments of our personal life...more


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